Customer Success Online Training Course (TT CS Complete)

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This is the complete Customer Success online training course with 10 modules and 20+ lessons containing fundamental and advanced strategies and tactics proven to dramatically increase the results of your Customer Success efforts.

Limited Time Bonus:
You will also receive the Bonus module: "Building tools, collateral, processes and playbooks for better customer engagement". To participate in the Super Bonus: "Access to virtual, live expert-led Q&A session(s)", please contact Tri Tuns for dates & times.
  • Course Modules
  • 1. Becoming a successful Customer Success Manager
  • 2. Shifting the conversation with your customers
  • 3. Accelerating business value creation by focusing on adoption
  • 4. Understanding why your customers are not achieving success
  • 5. Establishing a strategic relationship with your customers
  • 6. Driving commitment to success through a structured process
  • 7. Planning for a successful launch with key “before Go Live” actions
  • 8. Accelerating time to first value with Key “at Go Live” actions
  • 9. Accelerating business outcomes with key “post Go Live” actions
  • 10. Amplifying your customers’ success by aligning your organization
  • Bonus!
  • Building tools, collateral, processes & playbooks for better customer engagement
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years